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It is with great pleasure that we introduce Himalayan Walkers (P) Ltd, is locally owned one of the leading Inbound & Outbound Adventure Tour Operator established in Nepal with the sole aim of making a difference in the travel/tourism industry. It is established by well experienced tour, trek and climbing leaders of Nepal in 2007 AD, after working in the tourism industry for more than two decades. As we have professionally founded this organization with our long-term experience in adventures and community based tourism.

We are a small, innovative, enthusiastic, and personalized organization that is specialized in taking travelers for trek, tours, and expeditions in the Himalayan region. We're based in Kathmandu, but also operate extension trips in Bhutan, Tibet, India & Cambodia to. We have team of people who are devoted and dedicated in this travel field for more than 20 years. Our leader, climber, guides and porters work as a well-balanced team. We recognize them as the heart of the company.

We have dedicated staff that is totally committed to service and whose friendly, caring and professional attitude will win you over. The incredibly high number of clients who return again to travel with us is an indicator of our performance. Word-of-mouth recommendation and not lavish advertising, has resulted in our considerable growth over the years.

Quality and value, the best measures of satisfaction, is our motto and we strive to give this to our clients. Since the beginning, our mission has been to develop itineraries that provide the optimum blend of professional, educational, and recreational experiences according to the goals and desires of each individual or group.

All destinations we offer have been extensively researched and personally visited, ensuring first-hand knowledge of the accommodation and locations on offer, whether it is the ideal camp spot in a remote Nepal, the perfect lodge for one-horned rhino safari, the best dinner venue, unique herbal spa, the most knowledgeable guide, finding award winning local artists, collectors and antique dealers, creative ideas for celebrating special occasions on short notice….