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Country: Nepal
City: Kathmandu
Duration: 11 Day(s) - 10 Night(s)
Tour Category: Trekking

Package Itinerary

Step aside from the usual tourist trails and immerse yourself in aspects that make up the spirit of humanity. Nepal is a mix of a wide variety of cultures and equally diverse practices. From secret Shamanistic practices to ancient Buddhist rituals our ethnographic tours will take you on an adventure, not just of the body but of the mind also.

Initiation ritual among shamans in Nepal.  Encounters ancient Shamans, Native Culture, medical plants, local peoples. It is fair to say that Nepal is one of the last remaining bastions of shamanism and pure nature worship in the world. Shamanism though similar at the root practice in a variety of ways around the world. The practice in Nepal is not just stunning in the context of the ancient and secretive rituals that are still performed today but also in visual and sensory experiences. There are many festivals where shamans congregate in special power places in the mountains to offer homage to the spiritual deities and to ask for renewed powers. Pilgrimage for power tour involves living in mountain villages, being part of rituals and trekking in some spectacular mountain country.

We do not run this trip purely as an exercise to see rituals, but do it for those with a genuine interest in this unique aspect of Himalayan culture. The visual aspect of shamanism is engaging in itself, but there are many cultural reasons and nuances as to why rituals take place and what happens during these rituals. In order to properly explain to those joining in the trip, we use experts in the field of ethnography and those with an understanding of Shamanistic practices in Nepal.

Trip overview:

Countries: Nepal Trip Days: 11
Level: Moderate to Strenuous Trip Start: Kathmandu
Trek Start: Tumlingtar Trek End: Tumlingtar
Trip End: Kathmandu Trip Code: HWEA
Activity: Explore,Hiking Group Size: 02-14
Accommodation: Hotel Lodge Camping
Trek Region: Kanchenjunga 3570 M

Trip Facts:
Challenging special trek in remote eastern Nepal and Himalayan view. Explore Mixed Culture, the majority of the Sherpas, Tamangs, Rais, Shamans, Yarshagumba, Lokta factory, Seeing Himalayas and nature are the great Offer of the trek. Makalu, Kanchenjunga, Mt. Chamlang and nephew peak, etc. 

Brief Itinerary:
DAY 01 Kathmandu flight to Tumlingtar and drive to Num
DAY 02 Num trek to Seduwa 
DAY 03 Seduwa trek to Tashigaon
DAY 04 Tashigaon trek to Khongma
DAY 05 Khongma Explore day
DAY 06 Khongma trek to Seduwa
DAY 07 Seduwa trek to Pokhuwa
DAY 08 Pikhuwa trek to Sishuwa        
DAY 09 Sishuwa trek to Bamling
DAY 10 Bamling trek to Tumlingtar
DAY 11 Tumlingtrar flight to Kathmandu

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