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Pokhara, Nepal

Pokhara is the second largest city of Nepal which is located 200 km west of the capital, Kathmandu. The area of Pokhara is smaller than Kathmandu but its geography varies dramatically within few kilometers from North and South. The altitude varies from 780 m in the southern part to 1350 m in the north. Additionally, the Annapurna Range with three out of the ten highest mountains in the world — Dhaulagiri, Annapurna I and Manaslu — is within about 15 km linear distance from the valley. Due to its proximity to the Annapurna mountain range, the city is also a base for trekkers undertaking the Annapurna Circuit through the ACAP region of the Annapurna ranges in the Himalayas. Pokhara city has a lot to offer to the tourists who can spend time in many activities.Main attractions in Pokhara are:

Fewa Tal (Lake)
Brightly painted wooden boats and sailboats can be rented on reasonable cost around lakeside. The lake is neither deep (roughly 47 meters at most), the water is warm and swimming is pleasant. The eastern shoreline of the lake, popularly known as Lakeside or Baidam, consists of seemingly endless strip of lodges, restaurants, bookshops and souvenir shops. One of the fascinating parts of lakeside is the splendid view of the mountains, especially when the still water reflects the peaks, creating a double image.

World Peace Pagoda:
The pagoda is a massive Buddhist stupa and is situated on top of a hill on the southern shore of Fewa lake. Besides being an impressive sight in itself, the shrine is a great vantage point which offers spectacular views of the Annapurna range and Pokhara city. You can get there by crossing the lake by boat and then hiking up the hill.

Barahi temple:
This is the most important religious monument in Pokhara. Built almost in the middle of Fewa lake, the two storied pagoda representing the female force of Hindu (Shakti). Devotees can be seen, especially on Saturdays, carrying male animals and fowl across the lake to be sacrificed to the deity.

Devi's fall:
Locally known as Patale Chhango (Hell's fall), Devi's fall (also known as Devin's or David's) is an awesome waterfall lying about 2 km south-west of Pokhara airport on the highway to Tansen, Butwal. An interesting modern legend says that a foreigner named David was skinny-dipping in the Pardi Khola (river) when the floodgates of the dam were opened, sweeping him into an underground passage beneath the fall, never to be seen again.

Mahendra Gupha (cave) and Chameri Gupha: Mahendra Gupha is the large limestone cave. Shepherd boys are said to have discovered it around 1950. A two hour walk to the north of Pokhara, it is best to bring your own torch to see the stalactites and stalagmites. Chamero Gupha locally called Chamero Odhaar ("House of Bats") located nearby Mahendra Gufa


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