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We believe partnership is fundamental towards achieving results. Over the years we have met some of the most outstanding people and organizations in the travel industry and have recognized the importance of working side by side with them to provide quality services. Today’s main challenges for travel agencies include market differentiation, turning visitors into loyal customers, and offering travelers better services before, during and after the trip. So, in order to deal with these challenges, we work side by side with leading travel companies to build a new pipeline of qualified leads.

Our partnerships are driven by a shared vision of the future of travel technology and the ambition to continuously fuel innovation. We value diversity, synergies and teamwork, and strive for excellence.

Why Partnerhip with HW?
Himalayan Walkers specializes in outdoor holiday activities and tours such as trekking, peak climbing, mountaineering, mountain biking, cultural tours, education tours and voluntourism. We have not only been offering quality trips at an affordable financial value but also partnering with various organizations and individuals. Our special policies, satisfactory services, dedicated team and other many benefits have been able to attract our partners. We employ a range of dedicated and professional staff in the administration and in the field. Our trip leaders are from various remote and rugged regions of Nepal and are licensed by the government.